TCR Strong

The TCR Strong program is our tried and true 9 week weightlifting cycle. It is derived from our founder’s Olympic bobsled training and has been modernized to a class format. During our founder’s Olympic training, it was vital that he was not hurt, rather, strategically trained to become stronger, faster, and more powerful without compromising his ability to perform when competition arose. This is why his passion, which he shares with the TCR community, is that of “move weight and move it well”.

Objectively and mainly, our strong cycle, encourages progressive overload across our primary and secondary conventional compound lifts. We blend our strength training with explosive training to disrupt the fitness paradigm. The explosive strength phases reflects the most similarity to the training Mike Savitch often used to mimic the sport of bobsled. This is a staple to a few select phases in our Strong cycles because it’s a great recipe for bridging the gap between the typically found imbalance of weightlifting and aerobic capacity.

Collectively our program is thoroughly and thoughtfully designed to lay the groundwork for GPP (general physical preparedness). Or better known as, life. Allow us to be your map in hand as you begin, get back on, or continue your journey of getting strong, fit, capable, and skilled.

TCR Strong classes are included in class based recurring monthly memberships and open access for punchcard holders.

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