TCR Youth Performance Training

The original intent for organized youth sports was to encourage healthy lifestyles, proper sportsmanship, and a sense of community amongst their peers. As a society, we have begun overshadowing these things with the advancement of competition by prioritizing winning and making money. With increases and vast ones at that, in the prefaced areas, youth sport related injuries are also on the rise.

Again, as a society, we have observed the placement of stress on our youth to reach and maintain certain standards with a lack of proper coaching or the accountability of it to support it. This neglect presents very possible serious consequences to the health, physically and mentally, of our youth.

Which is why we find it so important to introduce our youth to strength training with our coaches. Again, our founder’s passion is that of “move weight and move it well.” He has a deep understanding and respect for the gym as a means for what we do outside of it. When coaching our youth it is critical that proper movement patterns are taught or maybe even corrected. Our goals across their 6-8 week courses are:

  • to develop bettered body awareness
  • to participate in healthy competition and form a sense of camaraderie
  • to improve a youth’s potential ability to master the specific skills required by the sport of choice
  • to build confidence, self esteem, and courage as an individual boosting their spirit as a team player

It is so important to educate and equip our youth properly for sports as well as to be proactive for and with them when it comes to their physical health and longevity for both.

Our youth performance training is professionally supervised by certified coaches, all with extensive and expansive years of experience in sport related industries and furthermore onto careers.

Your youth can join one of our ongoing or current sessions or set up private or semi private group training with teammates or other interested peers.

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