What We Offer


TCR Strong

The TCR Strong program is our tried and true 9 week weightlifting cycle. It is derived from our founder’s Olympic bobsled training and has been modernized to a class format.



TCR Fuel

The purpose behind this intentional break from the barbell is to help reduce muscle soreness, give the body a lactic flush, but most importantly shift focus from weightlifting to energy systems. Energy systems might seem like something only professional athletes need to worry about it. However, the health of our cells applies to EVERYONE.



TCR Endure

We carefully construct our TCR Endure classes to target endurance, to build your capacity to endure, to increase your ability to sustain, and most importantly maintain a life full of activity and adventure.



Yoga: Stretch & Reflect

Yoga is proven to help sleep, assist in stress management and coping skills, boost energy and mood, and so importantly, the health of your heart.




We are official partners with Allez Fuel to bring you access to quality nutrition coaching. We believe, as we’re sure you do too, that nutrition is a vital part of the equation when it comes to getting stronger, fitter, and healthier. And really, again, that’s our mission – to help everyone who walks into our doors become the strongest versions of themselves.



TCR Youth Performance Training

Our youth performance training is professionally supervised by certified coaches, all with extensive and expansive years of experience in sport related industries and furthermore onto careers.



Personal Training

Whether you are looking for individualized coaching, assistance with rehab or prehab, accoutability or a way to jump start new and healthy habits, working one on one with Mike or one of our certified coaches could be just be what you’re looking for.


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