What We Offer


TCR Strong

Our Strong program begins with gradual progressive overload to find maximal strength but it doesn’t end there. We blend our strength with explosive training to disrupt the fitness paradigm. This combination improves movement as a whole versus the typically found imbalance between weightlifting and cardiac stamina.


TCR 360

TCR 360 classes will have a larger focus on increased aerobic capacity. These classes will mash all the familiar functional movements and metabolic conditioning workouts to create a grinding & gritty class. Pushing your ability to endure! These classes are tightly wound to the clock and move at a very steady yet fast pace.


Personal Training provided by Savitch Fitness

All personal training will be available through Savitch Fitness. Founded by Olympic bobsledder, Mike Savitch, this company offers their clients very detailed and specific to their needs one-on-one training.


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