What is a TCR 360 class?


What is a TCR 360 class?

“I don’t get it. What’s up with 360 classes? Too much cardio. I just take the day off.”…

We all need rest days. We totally get it! But, if you’re purposely skipping 360 days because you don’t see the value in them, we want to help with that.

To start, in short, our 360 classes are an intentional break in the week from the barbell.

Although, the purpose is much greater than just that.

The purpose behind this Thursday/Sunday pause from our TCR Strong strength cycle is to help reduce muscle soreness, give the body a lactic flush, but more importantly shift focus from weightlifting to energy systems.

Energy systems might seem like something only professional athletes need to worry about it. However, the health of our cells applies to EVERYONE. The performance of our cells are the primary source behind our overall health, wellness, and longevity in both. Our energy systems influence the health of our respiratory and circulatory systems, even our overall muscle growth. Our 360 classes provide a pathway to stimulate these energy systems and it forces them to adapt positively.

We program just as intentionally for our 360 classes as we do our Strong classes. In fact, these classes are designed to compliment our Strong program. Strong classes in conjunction with our 360 classes push you to challenging places physically and mentally. This results in new found strength and capabilities. Since we have the entire class to focus on raw conditioning, it is an ample opportunity to truly enhance the understanding of YOUR individual movement, output, and stamina.

Interval training and repeats are two of the most common formats you will see in our 360 classes. We lean on these two styles the most because they both encourage effort consistency and workout management. Being able to manage your workout is all in the ability to transfer energy.

Ultimately, we all want the same thing: to give and GET the most out of all our workouts. Our 360 classes will really help you learn how to pace and when to pace. How to throttle up and when to throttle up. All while increasing your baseline to endure and significantly improving your stamina across all three energy systems; Immediate (anaerobic), Glycolytic, and Oxidative (aerobic). Once you develop a deeper understanding of how to manage the transfer of your energy, your performance and recovery will become exponentially better!

These workouts rely heavily on cardio elements to get the job done but also lighter weights and higher volume to subject the body to an additional form of cardiac demand. Every aspect of these workouts will bring your fitness in and out of the gym full circle (hence, 360, get it?). Not to mention the overlapping benefits they have to our TCR Strong and TCR Endure workouts.

We also allot some time during these classes for designated skill work. This is a nice bonus to the week where you can dial in on areas of weakness, strengthen the midline and improve stability too.

Our 360 workouts are not “just cardio” – not that there’s anything wrong with a little extra cardio. It’s just that they are specifically designed to help BETTER your cardiac capacity by combining cardio elements with movement in a thorough, thought out, and goal oriented way.

Find these classes on our schedule all day Thursdays and at 9:00am & 5:00pm on Sundays.