Yoga: Stretch & Reflect

This class is perfectly placed on our schedule every Sunday at 10am. We say perfectly because whether you consider Sunday the end of your week or the beginning of a brand new one, it sets the tone physically and mentally. It closes the previous week with stillness, calm, and reflection. It opens a new one with positivity, strength, and focus. Our yoga class is an asset to our offerings. Our members have seen increased and improved function of balance, core strength, and flexibility. Back, hip, and various other target areas of complaint are so well addressed in this class and with consistency, drastically reduced. These benefits alone, will speak volumes for the body when coupled with strength training. And like we mentioned before, our objective is to enhance your daily life with all that you do in our gym. Yoga is no stranger to that either. Yoga is proven to help sleep, assist in stress management and coping skills, boost energy and mood, and so importantly, the health of your heart.

Yoga: Stretch & Reflect classes are included in class based recurring monthly memberships and open access for punchcard holders.

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