You are stronger than you think. We aren’t just speaking in weights and numbers. We believe weightlifting to be a valuable tool that helps facilitate not only physical strength but mental strength too. Our mission is to enhance everything you do outside of the gym with longevity and functionally based programming inside the gym. We believe we can offer you a recipe for complete fitness. We balance our strength training with the centering of yoga on Sunday’s, nutrition coaching for accountability, conditioning to properly fuel your energy systems, and endurance to improve your overall health, wellness, and stamina for everyday life.

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    Developed to be the complete package of health and fitness. We strategically design our program around the four main attributes of physical fitness:

    • Strength – Importance of Strength: Muscle mass diminishes with age. Strength training creates bone density.
    • Power – Importance of Power: To increase the speed at which we move and/or move something. To get fast.
    • Speed – Importance of Speed: Movement turnover.
      Improve reaction time.
    • Endurance – Importance of Endurance: Increase physical exertion for longer durations.

    We compliment our program with the 6 remaining skills: flexibility, stamina, balance, coordination, agility and accuracy to attain the ultimate goal of a complete fitness experience.


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