The Conditioning Room classes are designed for the common goal of improved strength, power, speed and endurance for people of all ages and abilities. We view fitness not only as what you do in the gym but what you need to do outside of the gym. Our founder says one of the most critical parts of his Olympic bobsled training was to not get injured during training so to stay healthy for competition. This meant, the training was never his sport. The training needed to prepare him for his sport. We view the gym and life the same. We really do believe that everything you do outside of the gym is just as, if not more, important as your training that takes place in the gym. We diligently program our Strong cycles and conditioning with this in mind. We think about grocery runs, family and children, outdoor adventures; camping, hiking, biking etc, marathons, ironman’s, neighborhood walks, and we even think down to the stairs in your house. Becoming the strongest version of yourself by way of moving weight and moving it well allows you to take on life to your choosing. It removes barriers and road blocks that may have been there prior. It grants you independence and above all else, the opportunity to live life to the fullest.


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